What is the Temporary Graduate (485) visa?

Over 300,000 international students come to Australia each year. At the end of their studies, some students choose to go home and some decide to stay in Australia in order to get valuable post study work experience. Some international students fall in love with Australia (or with an Australian J) and begin to explore pathways to enable them to stay in Australia on a permanent basis.

The Temporary Graduate visa can provide international students with an opportunity to spend valuable time in Australia at the end of their studies and is available to international students who have successfully completed an approved course of study at an Australia college or university and can meet the eligibility requirements for this type of visa. The Temporary Graduate visa comes with unrestricted work rights.

Who can access the Temporary Graduate Visa?

Contrary to popular belief, the Temporary Graduate visa isn’t just for university graduates.  The Temporary Graduate visa is also for graduates of other types of higher education institution in Australia – including TAFE, trades colleges and accredited institutions.

The visa is available in two streams:

Graduates: This stream is for any international student from any country who acquires a degree, diploma or eligible trade as listed on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL). The SOL is a list of occupations considered to be in demand in Australia and is published on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s website. It includes hundreds of occupations – from motor mechanics to neurosurgeons. A visa in the graduate stream is granted for 18 months. This visa stream is often selected by people who hope to use the  Temporary Graduate visa as a stepping stone towards permanent residence.

Post-Study Work: This stream covers international students who graduate with a degree from an approved Australian education provider. Career choices and ambitions of achieving permanent residence are less vital for this stream, as students do not have to have an occupation on the SOL. This option is available for students who were granted their first student visa to Australia on or after November 5, 2011. This stream can allow a student to acquire a work visa that (in some cases) will last up to four years.

Why apply for a Temporary Graduate Visa?

A Temporary Graduate visa issued by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection is an excellent way to extend your stay in Australia for a set period of time, or to give yourself time to apply for and understand the channels available to gain permanent residency.

Australia is an excellent place to study, work and live, with many opportunities and pathways for people from all walks of life. Gaining more time in Australia means giving yourself the chance to learn more skills, gain further work experience and ultimately decide whether or not you want to call Australia your home on a permanent basis.

How can we help?

EasiVisa boasts a team of experienced and friendly migration professionals, who understand the ins and outs of the immigration system. Our team currently enjoys a 100% success rate with Temporary Graduate visa applications and we are dedicated to ensuring we provide our clients with the best possible advice and service. Get in touch with EasiVisa today to chat about your aspirations and how we can make the visa process easier for you.

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  1. Hi, I’m enrolled in diploma of Horticulture and it’s due by coming june. After my studies I’m planning to apply for graduate visa but I couldn’t find in SOL separately, is this included under Agriculture?? If yes then where I can do the skill assessment? Please help me to proceed further.
    Thank you


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