Partner Visa: Is it the right pathway for you?

Partner visas are for people who are married to or in a de facto relationship with an Australian permanent resident or citizen, or an eligible New Zealand citizen. It’s important to ensure that your relationship is stable and comfortable before heading down the partner visa pathway. Partner visas are expensive!!!

There are a number of aspects to consider before you dive into applying for a partner visa:


Proof of relationship

Migrants applying for any form of partner visa must provide solid proof of their relationship to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. At the point of application, both people in the relationship must provide written statements about the relationship – including personal details like when and how you met, how committed you are, and what your future plans are. You must explain and show evidence of your financial arrangements together, discuss the nature of your household (right down to who does the housework), the social context of your relationship (are you accepted by one another’s family and friends?), and the nature of your commitment to each other. In most circumstances, an unmarried couple must have been living together for at least 12 months before the minimum requirements for a partner visa can be met. There are some important exceptions to this rule.

Processing time

Preparing a partner visa application usually requires gathering together a very significant amount of documentation before the application can be submitted to the Department. From that point the Department puts the standard processing time of Australian partner visas at anywhere between 12 and 15 months.


Partner visas are right for some migrants, but there is often a considerable cost involved in applying for the visa. As of this year, a spouse or de facto type visa application lodged inside or outside Australia incurs an application fee of $6,865, plus extra fees if there are children to be included in the visa application. Medical examinations and police checks fees are on top of that!

Many unexpected complications can arise when including children in a partner visa application. Getting good advice at the earliest stages can help avoid unforseen problems and the incredible stress that can go with partner visa complications. There are almost 2000 refused partner visa applications sitting with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal at present.

Partner visas are a great pathway for some migrants, but not all. You may find that you are eligible for or prefer the stability of a skilled worker or employer sponsored visa, which often have much shorter processing times and much lower application fees.

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