10 Reasons why you should study in Perth

Arguably one of the most isolated cities in the World, Perth does not get enough credit for its spectacular beaches, magnificent clear blue skies, variety of coffee shops and cultural events in its relaxed lifestyle. Here are ten reasons why you should make Perth your next destination:

1. Mediterranean Climate

With more than 250 days of sun a year, Perth enjoys hot summers and mild winters typical to areas like South of Spain, California or parts of South Africa.

2. Quality of Life

With just over 2 million habitants, Perth is the fourth biggest city in Australia in terms of population. This results in a significant lower impact to day-to-day life aspects such as traffic, pollution and crowds of people in comparison to Sydney or Melbourne.

3. Places to Explore

Just like Sydney boast of the Opera House or Melbourne of the Great Ocean Road, Perth has an idyllic island just 30 minutes off mainland with adorable little marsupials called “Quokka” always ready to take a selfie. If you drive up north, you will find the “Wave Rock” – literally a rock made of granite that looks like a surf wave about to break. If you are the kind that prefers real waves, you can head south to Margaret River and visit the World’s largest jetty on the way down (found in Busselton).

4. Festivals, Food and Fun

Perth does not fall short of galleries, theatres, music and other forms of entertainment all year round. Don’t miss the “Perth International Arts Festival” in February/March that has been running annually since 1953, or the handful of markets and other cultural events that take place in locations such as Northbridge, Fremantle or the CBD.

5. Fremantle

A twenty-minute drive from the city, Fremantle is a laid-back, hipster-like hub where it is mandatory to enjoy a coffee or healthy fruit bowl at the famous “Cappuccino strip”. Also don’t forget to drop in for a class into one of their many yoga studios.

6. Public Transport

Although having a car is certainly of help, if you do not have one you can still get around the city and its surroundings by public transport with ease. Journeys within the city are free of charge and with your student visa you are entitled to a local travel card (SmartRider), which gives you a 40% discount on all travel in and around Perth.

7. Cultural Diversity

People from over 200 different nationalities live in Western Australia. With more than 170 languages being spoken and 100 religions practised, Perth is the epitome of multiculturalism.

8. World Class Education

Five of the 43 universities in Australia are found in WA. You can rest assured that the education you receive at any institution will be of high quality. Australia has a regulating body that ensures providers meet certain requirements and students get the promised teachings and material they signed up for.

9. Your Gateway to South-East Asia

Once here, you will learn that it is rare to meet an Aussie that has not been to a paradisiacal resort somewhere in Asia. It is not unusual to find flights for under $200 to Bali from Perth. Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia are some of the other popular destinations available for you to explore if you chose to do so during your semester breaks.

10. The River Swan

Perth and several of its suburbs lie along the River Swan. With crystalline waters, you can expect to see dolphins, a regular sight for locals. Perfect for a day out on the boat or a light evening run!

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