English Courses in Perth – Student Visa


English courses are usually between 12 and 40 weeks. You can include breaks between the weeks of study and have a payment plan depending on the total duration of your course and the school you chose to study at.


It depends on your nationality, the school and the course format (morning or evening classes). Generally a good English course can cost you an average of $250 a week.


There are many English schools in Australia. It is important you do your research and choose one according to your needs, your goals and your expectations.

The cheapest option can turn out to be expensive! Being well informed of the options, the prices of several schools to make a comparison and online reviews are critical to end with the right choice for you. Applying or consulting with an agency can help you filter the alternatives.

Characteristics of English courses:

20 hours per week

5 days a week

Flexible timetables:

Morning: 9am – 2pm

Evening: 4pm – 9pm (to join the evening classes you need to have a “pre-intermediate” level).

Good English schools in Perth

Perth International College of English

Kaplan International English

Lexis English

Phoenix Academy


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