457 to Permanent Residence

Subclass 457 visas are ideal for skilled workers who only intend to remain in Australia for a few years. Having said that, many 457 visa holders fall in love with Australia and the Australian way of life and want to move from their 457 visa to Permanent Residence.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection provides a wide array of pathways to permanent residence for many 457 visa holders.These visa pathways may also be available to people who do not hold a 457 visa and include the following:

A skilled visa applicant will usually be required to obtain a positive “skills assessment” before applying for a permanent (or provisional) residence visa. However, in some instances a skills assessment is not required when you apply for an ENS visa or an RSMS visa and this is true whether or not you hold a 457. Many 457 visa holders will be able to apply for permanent residence under the Temporary Residence Transition Stream of the ENS and RSMS visa programs if they have worked in their nominated occupation for at least two years (three years from March 2018) as the holder of a 457 visa and with the same employer. Many 457 visa holders will be eligible to apply for a different type of permanent residence visa long before the 2 years is up and many wont’ realise it!

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