Guide to applying for a Subclass 482 Visa


This Student’s Guide is for international students studying at a Western Australian college or university and for international graduates of WA’s colleges and universities. 

A subclass 482 visa is an employer nominated temporary work visa. You can use this Student’s Guide when working out your eligibility to apply for a subclass 482 visa, also called a TSS visa.

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A STEP BY STEP GUIDE ... to working it out!

STEP 1 -

Occupations are generally listed on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) or the Regional Occupation List (ROL). It’s important to check which “List” your nominated occupation sits on because this has a direct impact on how many years you can be nominated for. For more information click below. 

STEP 2 -

If your nominated occupation sits on the STSOL, ensure you check the specific eligibility requirements (Short Term Stream).

If your occupation sits on the MLTSSL, ensure you check the specific eligibility requirements (Medium and Long-term Stream).

If you have an employer who wishes to nominate you under a Labour Agreement, ensure you check the specific eligibility requirements (Labour Agreement Stream).

STEP 3 -

Check whether your employer understands the Labour Market Testing (LMT) requirements for a 482 nomination. 

STEP 4 -

Most TSS visa applicants are required to have at least 2 years relevant work experience in their nominated occupation or related field. Check whether you can meet the work experience and other eligibility requirements.

STEP 5 -

Some TSS visa applicants are required to undergo a mandatory skills assessment as part of the visa application process. Ensure you read about and fully understand the skills assessment requirements.

Some TSS visa applicants may be able to claim an exemption to the mandatory skills assessment requirement. 

STEP 6 -

When applying for a TSS visa, the applicant is required to demonstrate that they meet certain minimum standards of English language proficiency by taking and achieving a specific result in an English language test, unless exemptions apply.

For details on the English proficiency requirements and related exemptions click below. 

STEP 7 -

TSS visa applicants must meet Australia’s health requirements. Click here for more information on the health requirement.

If you are required to undertake a visa medical, click here for further information on how to book your health examinations.

STEP 8 -

TSS visa applicants must meet the Department of Home Affairs’ character requirements. Click here for information on the required character documents, including police certificates. 


A surprising number of subclass 482/TSS  visa applications are refused. If you intend to manage the visa application process yourself, consider engaging an experienced registered migration agent to double-check your eligibility.

If you don’t meet the relevant eligibility criteria and/or don’t provide Home Affairs with the documents required in support of your visa application, your application is likely to be refused. A visa refusal can be a costly and stressful experience. It’s important to ensure that you are eligible before you apply! 


Disclaimer: This Student’s Guide is provided as general information only and must not be used as migration advice. Each visa applicant’s circumstances are unique. If you need migration advice, consider booking a consultation with an experienced Western Australian registered migration consultant or migration lawyer with an excellent subclass 482 visa success rate. 

Benjamin Franklin once said “Failing to Plan is planning to fail.” When it comes to your visa application, it’s important to plan well!

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