Pre-submission review of your application

Price: $1000 AUD

We will assess your eligibility to apply for a partner visa and, if we feel that you don’t meet the partner visa requirements just yet, we will provide advice and strategies for meeting those critically important requirements. Once we are satisfied that you are eligible we will:

  • Review your partner visa application
  • Point out any errors, omissions and suggest improvements
  • Review your supporting documents
  • Identify gaps in evidence gaps and suggest how these gaps can be filled
  • Guidance on how to present your relationship evidence
  • Review of your sponsorship application
  • Point out any errors, omissions and suggest improvements

In addition:

Provide you with a login and password to your own EasiVisa online file containing:

  • An interactive document list where you can upload your scanned documents for us to review
  • Useful guide to preparing a partner visa application
  • Useful information sheets and templates
  • An automated document labeller. The Department of Home Affairs likes you to have all of your documents clearly labelled!
  • Instant messaging window – where we will make comment upon your application and documents.
  • *The above amount does not include GST.

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