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Tile Plugin

Create amazing Metro designed layouts on any WordPress theme with the Tiles plugin. Engage and impress your users by placing your content on animated tiles.

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Image Tile

11 Auto Flip Animations

Customize the front and back of your tile, and showcase it with the auto flip feature. We've designed this tile with the horizontal flip and set it to 2 second auto flip. 


Display a simple image tile that links to any page on your site




Horiz. Flip Animation

2 Second Auto Flip

Fade-in Down

Vert. Flip Animation

5 Auto Flip

Fade-in Right Animation

Fade-in Right

3 Second Auto Flip Fade-in Up Animation

Fade-in Left Animation

5 Second Auto Flip

Zoom-In Up Animation

6 Second Auto Flip 

Blank Tile 4 Auto Flip 

Zoom-In Left Animation

No Auto Flip 

Zoom-In Right Animation

3 Auto Flip 

2 Second Auto Flip 

Zoom-In Down Animation

6 Auto Flip 

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