Withdrawing a visa application

Withdrawing a visa application

Although you should always only apply for a visa when you know you meet the requirements, sometimes, due to circumstances outside of your control you might find yourself in a situation where you need to withdraw your visa application. If you find yourself in this situation you might have a few questions: how do I withdraw an application? What will happen when I withdraw my application? Can I do anything else? Can I have my money back? Some of these questions have an easy answer and some do not.

How do I withdraw my visa application?

There is one withdrawal form for all visa applications and it is freely available on the Department’s website: the Form 1446 (download here). The form has instructions on how to complete it and it’s not a particularly hard form to complete as long as you have all the necessary reference numbers for your application. You also have an opportunity why you wish to withdraw your application.

If you have applied for your visa online through ImmiAccount, you should upload a completed Form 1446 to your application in ImmiAccount. Another option is emailing the completed form to the processing centre that has your application – that is, if you know the correct email address. If you have lodged a paper application, you should post the completed form and relevant documents to the relevant Departmental office (Department’s website directory here). There is no charge to withdraw your application.

How long does it take?

There are no standard processing times for the withdrawal of a visa application, although the Department usually processes withdrawal requests quite quickly once they have received it. When the application has been withdrawn the Department will send you notification to confirm the withdrawal.

When can I withdraw my visa application?

You can only withdraw an application after it has been received and acknowledged by the Department as a valid application (i.e. after lodgement) and before it has been finalised (i.e. granted or refused). If your visa has been granted you cannot withdraw it.

What will happen once I withdraw my visa application?

If you are withdrawing an application that was lodged whilst you were outside of Australia, once the application is withdrawn and you have received a confirmation email from the Department, that is the end of the application.

If you are withdrawing an onshore application (i.e. you were in Australia when you lodged your application and were granted a bridging visa), then you will also need to consider your bridging visa. Depending on when your bridging visa was granted, your bridging visa will either expire 28 days or 35 days after the application has been withdrawn.

If your bridging visa was granted before 19 November 2016 – your bridging visa will expire 28 days after the withdrawal.

If your bridging visa was granted on or after 19 November 2016 – your bridging visa will expire 35 days after the withdrawal.

If you are in doubt, it is best to check your visa details using VEVO (link to VEVO here).

Can I withdraw an application for someone else?

No, you cannot withdraw a visa application for another person. The Form 1446 does, however, allow you to withdraw a visa application for multiple applicants who have made a combined visa application, but they must all agree to withdraw their application. If you have included your family in your visa application and you all wish to withdraw your visa application, you are able to do it using one Form 1446.

It is important to remember that the withdrawal of a visa application by one applicant (i.e. the main applicant) does not constitute withdrawal of the visa application of other applicants – you must list all applicants wishing to withdraw their application.

Can I apply for another visa after I’ve withdrawn my application?

Having a withdrawal does not prohibit you from applying for another visa, but it is important to work out whether you meet the requirements for the particular visa you are hoping to apply for. For example, if you are on a bridging visa you should check whether you can make a valid application for a particular visa while on a bridging visa. If you are unsure, consider booking an appointment with a registered migration agent to discuss your circumstances.

Can I get a refund?

Once you have withdrawn your application you have the ability to request a refund of the visa application charge. You can request a refund request by completing the Form 1424 and then sending it to office that was processing your application. If you don’t know the office that was processing your application you can send the completed Form 1424 to the nearest Departmental office (Department’s website directory here).

It is important to understand that there is a distinction between being able to apply for a refund and actually being eligible for a refund. The Department will only approve a refund in certain circumstances: for example, if the visa applicant has died before the application was finalised. The Form 1424 lists the circumstances where the Department will consider a refund, so it is important to see whether your circumstances fit within one of these circumstances.

There are no standard processing times for a refund request application.

Would you like to know more about your visa prospects?

Withdrawing a visa application can have many consequences. If you want to know what the consequences will be for you then consider booking a consultation with a registered migration agent.

26 thoughts on “Withdrawing a visa application

  1. Although my actual visa was for 1 year with a 3 months stay condition so due to COVID flight disruption I need to extend my stay, as I was breaching 3-month condition, I need to apply for a new onshore tourist visa SUBCLASS 600 due to which I got BVA.

    I have a flight on 21/08/20 but after 70 days of applying for visit vasa I got a request for medical and the medical date I am now getting is of October 4, 2020.

    I need to know 2 things.

    1. Can I travel back to my country on BVA only as I do not intend to come back so not interested in BVB
    2. If I withdraw my Visa visa application, will I be considered for a refund as I cannot wait till 04/10/20 for medical, and secondly I got BVA because I applied for a visit visa but if I withdraw my visit visa application will I still be considered as legal till the withdraw date?

    • Hi BR, you can certainly depart Australia on a BVA. You will need to check whether there are any international border restrictions that will prevent you from entering your country.
      Refunds are generally only paid in limited circumstances. The Department does not usually refund a visa application charge, even if your visa is withdrawn. If you do wish to apply for a refund, you can apply using form 1424.

      • Hi, I applied for the 485 visa a few years ago, but I withdrew the application before it was granted. Can I apply the 485 visa again in the future? Thanks

  2. If I withdraw a Pmv 300 can I still apply for another one with in five years?

  3. Hi,

    I just want to know that I have applied for my 190 visa, but I am already on BVA from 485 application I applied a few months back. Now when I receive the BVA for 190, should I withdraw 485 or I can continue both just to be on the safe side. What are the implications, if any?

    Looking forward to a quick reply.

  4. If I leave the country on a Bridging Visa A, will I have a bad record if I want to come back to Australia in the future ? Thanks

    • Catherine Hoyle

      Hi Emily,
      Leaving Australia on a BVA means that you will have no visa once you leave Australia. As long as you have no other visa-related issues that you haven’t mentioned, there should be nothing to stop you applying for another visa in the future. We can’t comment on your eligibility without more information.
      Best Wishes.

  5. I am on a bridging visa A as I applied for student visa onshore. I have been invited to apply for 491, can I withdraw the bridging visa granted after applying for the 491 visa?

  6. Sir I have applied for 838 aged dependent relative visa on shore it is now more than 15 days I have not heard from immigration I don’t understand this why so much delay I phoned immigration and informed them that my substantial visa will expire on 28 Nov 2021 they so long as u a have applied for a new visa u don’t have to worry please tell me what to do totally stressed out having sleepless nights worrying should I withdraw my application will I get a r3fund

  7. I’m currently on a bridging visa that I received by applying for visa 485. I have applied for a PhD course and will likely be offered a position for 4 years. Will I be able to enrol for the 4 year course on visa 485 or will I need to apply for a student visa. Secondly, If I withdraw the application for visa 485, will I be eligible for a refund.

    Please advice which course of action would be the best for me.

  8. If you have a work visa (482), but applied for a partner visa, is it likely that you could get a refund on the partner visa if you withdraw it due to the partnership ending? Given the department hasn’t started processing the partner visa, I would think yes, but I can’t find any information that confirms this in the refund documents.

  9. Hi
    My students visa Expired on 9 july 21 and i have applied for students visa extension on 8 july 21 and i got BVA ( The reason for applying student visa extension is i need to wait for results 1 month in August) so in September 23 i have applied 485 and i got BVC now

    Can i Withdrawal my students visa as i am on already BVC for 485 and also Withdrawal of students visa extension file will affect on 485 application ?


  10. Hi a technical question!

    can we apply BVB if BVA is not active??

    Situation: My 485 going to expire in end jan-22, BVA (190) is not active, can we apply BVB, if yes, then can i leave Australia on 485 and after expiring 485 in overseas, BVB will came into effect/active in oversease??

  11. I am currently on my bringing A for 408.My medicals is scheduled on 10th Feb 2022. I have been away from my family for 2years and i have booked my ticket back to my home country on the 6th of March permanently. I would like to know when would be the ideal time to withdraw my 408 visa and will it be a problem if i am applying offshore in the future.Thanks in advance.

  12. Hi I applied for the partner visa offshore, and as the relationship with my then finance broke I withdrew the application.
    Now after 3- 4 years I’m married in Iran and expecting my child and planning to apply for regional skilled visa and my Aunty lives there too to support me.
    would the application withdrawn will have any impact on my new application. thanks Hana

  13. I have applied for 190 visa 2.5 years ago. Due to covid pandemics, Australia has stopped the process for offshore applicants.

    Am I eligible for visa refund in case I withdraw my application, as it is not my fault that the Australia has closed its borders and my application has not been processed even such a long period of time?

  14. The 1424 form doesn’t actually specify reasons for the refund eligibility besides the visa applicant dying. Does that mean that they don’t issue a refund for reasons other than that?

  15. Hi, I have a question that I need help with or some information. My student visa was finished in Aug 2021 and I applied for a student visa extension back in Aug 2021, I got BVA and I graduated in Dec 2021 and applied for my TR-458. I got BVC as I was on BVA, and I applied for withdrawal of the student visa extension that I applied.
    Now I am done with all the processes including my medical for 458 and it’s been 40 days since I applied for withdrawal of my student visa extension. So currently I have an active BVA, which would become inactive if my withdrawal application is accepted, and I’ll move on to BVC waiting for my 458 to be granted. I want to go back home and if I apply for BVB, and the withdrawal application gets approved will I move to BVC or stay on BVB till my 458 is granted? Can info or help regarding this would be highly appreciated. Thank You.

  16. My application for TV 600 has been received but thhere were some errors on it so i withdraw them last night. My question is can I apply for TV 600 again while it is pending confirmation?

  17. If i WIthdraw my 3rd WHM visa. Can i reapply later if I still meet requirements?

  18. Hello, would like to ask if I withdraw the application for a protection visa, will there be any record, or will it affect my future application on another visa in Australia?

    Thank you so much

  19. Does anyone know how or if you can withdraw an ETA application from the new app?

  20. I submitted my Visa 485 which had a wrong type of AFP attached to it ( Australian Capital Territory (ACT), I am currently on my Bridging A visa.
    Can I withdraw my visa 485 application immediately and then fill in a new Visa application with the correct type of AFP ( employment with commonwealth government, Number 33 AFP)

  21. Hi,
    I have applied for two tourist visas – firstly I applied for a visitor visa 600 and then the evisitor 651. The evisitor is taking longer than the recommended processing times and I am likely to miss my flight to Australia. If I withdraw the visitor 600 visa application, will this help speed up the processing of the evisitor?

    • Brendan Bensky

      Hello Ali,
      Unfortunately we are unable to answer this particular question. It might be worthwhile phoning the Home Affairs helpline or using the Home AFfairs enquiry form:

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