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$ 2,200*
  • In depth review of your partner visa application and documents plus expert advice.


$ 4,200*
  • The Partner Visa ONLINE Package exclusively using our online portal. Cool and quick!


$ 4,900*
  • Ideally suited to busy people and visa applicants who prefer lots of hand-holding and frequent chats.


We want you to have the very best visa experience possible and so we offer a range of differently priced partner visa packages to help make your partner visa journey low stress, low cost and most importantly … low risk!

Bronze Package

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Plus GST. 

We will undertake an in depth review of your application and supporting documents before providing professional written advice on your eligibility to apply for an Australian partner visa. If we feel that you can’t meet the partner visa requirements just yet, we will offer guidance on the steps you may need to take in order to meet those critically important requirements. Our Bronze Package includes:

In addition

We provide you with a login and password to your own EasiVisa online file containing:

Silver Package

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Plus GST. 

Exclusively ONLINE. Our first step is to assess your eligibility to apply for an Australian partner visa. Once we are satisfied that you are eligible (or will soon become eligible) we will confirm this in writing. Our Silver Package includes all of the following:

In addition

We provide you with a login and password to your own EasiVisa online file containing:

Gold Package



Plus GST. 

Our first step is to assess your eligibility to apply for an Australian partner visa. Once we are satisfied that you are eligible (or will soon become eligible) we will confirm this in writing. Our Gold Package includes all of the following:

In addition

We provide you with a login and password to your own EasiVisa online file containing:

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Our clients say

"I highly recommend EasiVisa! We submitted our partnership visa application with Sam, who was always really helpful and supportive with us (imagine, I sent the guy like a thousands emails and he replied them all!), making the whole process stress free. We trusted 100% in Sam and the BEST PART: we got our visa approved it 11 months!! So if you need a reliable agency, you need to go to EasiVisa! Special thanks to you Sam! Now we can enjoy :)”
"The team at EasiVisa have been nothing short of outstanding! My partner and I have spent the last three years figuring out our visa and navigating the requirements but knowing that these guys had our back and were in our corner, sharing their guidance and advice at each step, was a huge weight off our shoulders. We are now celebrating our way to PR. I can not recommend these lovely folks enough. They’re warm, friendly, responsive, so knowledgeable and genuinely support their customers and clients through what can be, a super stressful process. We were so lucky to have found them and their advice and proactivity has been second to none.”
EasiVisa have been wonderful from the start! Professional and caring, Thank you EasiVisa for all your help and Sam especially for the hard work and hours you put in to getting my visa approved 🙂 always being just an email or phone call away for all the questions I had. Your support through out the entire process has been amazing.
"Sam is absolutely brilliant. He provided great service in my visa application. Very patient, professional and genuine. I could not recommend him enough!"
Thank you, thank you, eleventy billion times thank you. My partner and I were completely flustered and floundering in the piles of forms, which were swelling up around us. In just one hour, Carol-Ann was able to calm the seas of sheets and set us on a better charted course. Her professional expertise and soothing demeanor are above reproach. We highly recommend booking an appointment to help with ANY Visa questions. Huzzah!

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Most frequent questions and answers

There are essentially three pathways to permanent residence for partner visa applicants. These are:

  • Onshore Partner Visa – subclass 820 –> 801
  • Offshore Partner Visa – subclass 309 –> 100
  • Prospective Marriage Visa – subclass 300 –> 820 –> 801

Our team wants each and every client to get a positive visa outcome. We care about our clients and we are very careful when preparing applications. Migration legislation is generally very black and white … you are either eligible to apply for a particular type of visa … or you’re not! There are some grey areas – usually around health and character – and we can advise on this too! If you are not eligible to apply for a partner visa, we are not going to advise you to submit an application. We won’t waste your time, your money and put you whole future in Australia at risk! 

Even if you don’t meet the 12-month “living together” requirement, the Department may grant you a partner visa if:

  • You and your de facto partner have a dependent child together and/or you have registered your relationship with an Australian authority, such as a registry of births, deaths and marriages, in any State or Territory of Australia (other than Western Australia and the Northern Territory).
  • You cannot live together for religious reasons
  • The law of your country does not allow you to live together

However, in these situations, you will still need to demonstrate that you meet all the other requirements for a ‘de facto relationship’.

There is an exemption to the 12 months requirement if you have registered your relationship in an Australian State or Territory.  However, you will still need to provide solid evidence of other aspects of your relationship (living together, sharing of finances, nature of your commitment to each other etc.) Registering your relationship simply removes the “12 months living together” requirement. By the way, not all States and Territories have a Relationship Register!

Translations: All original/non-English documents must be accompanied by a NAATI or accredited translation

Scan or photograph: All documents must be scanned or photographed in colour

Amazingly …. yes, you can! ? However, you will need to be able to prove that you are genuinely separated from your previous spouse and that your relationship with your de facto partner is exclusive.

There is a strict limit on the number of partners a person can sponsor and a strict limit on the number of times a person can be sponsored for a partner visa … and you can’t legally sponsor two partners at the same time!! This might sound like a strange thing to say, but you would be totally amazed by what some people try to do!

Although it may seem very unromantic, it is important to find out whether your partner has been involved in a previous partner visa application – either as a visa applicant or as a sponsor. This can have an important bearing on your application, especially if they try to hide previous sponsorships. Providing incorrect, misleading or false information as part of a visa application often leads to the application being refused.

In some circumstances, the strict limitation can be waived. Please book a consultation with one of our experienced registered migration consultants if you seek advice on a waiver.

When minor children (i.e. under 18 years of age) are included in a visa application, the Department’s decision maker will want to ensure that every person with parental responsibility for a child/children has consented to the child/children being granted a visa and migrating to Australia.

Dependent children can only be included in an onshore partner visa application if they are onshore at the time of lodgement, and vice- versa for offshore partner visa applications. A dependent child not included in your initial partner visa application, can be added at the final assessment stage. You will need to hold a 309 or 820 visa, and your dependent child will need to have applied for and been granted a Dependent Child (subclass 445) visa.

In some circumstances, dependent children aged 18 years and over can be included in your visa application. It is important to get professional advice regarding your older children in order to find out whether they be included or not! 

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