The Australian Parent Visa Guide

The Australian Parent Visa Guide

The Australian Parent Visa Guide

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Our clients say

EasiVisa is amazing, EasiVisa have been wonderful from the start! Thank you so much EasiVisa for all your help and Ms Alicia and Mr Sam especially for the hard work, patience and hours you put in to getting my visa approved and creating a suitable pathway for me. Thank you for helping me throughout the entire process I'm truly grateful and I appreciate everything, thank you EasiVisa!!!!
Team EasiVisa is the best immigration consultant group in the country as they helped me achieve my Permanent Residency against all odds. I consulted around 20 immigration consultants around the country via phone or email, trying to explain the complexity in my case. Not many of the immigration consultants would listen to me over the phone without having a formal paid arrangement, only to repeat the same things. 2 agents suggested that I may be eligible but they did not sound very confident and were charging heavy amount for the whole process. Then I came across EASIVISA. On my first call, I was immediately transferred to a junior consultant on the phone. On explaining my case, she further transferred me to a senior consultant Carol-Ann Lynch. I can clearly remember that day, when I spoke with Carol-Ann for around 30-45 minutes. She was so kind and patient to listen to my whole story and I instantly connected with her. Very next day she replied back with an email explaining the 2 possible pathways. I was able to call her whenever I needed before we finalised the contract. I was very eager to start the process but instead of rushing me to sign the contract, Carol-Ann suggested me to wait until she did some more research in my case. She apparently emailed the immigration department and also used all her contacts to get as much information as possible before we started the process. Once the contract was done my case was handled by another agent named Jenny Liu, who was even more supportive and dealt with all my queries with a lot of patience. Throughout the process, Jenny and Carol guided me at every step with all the letters and the documentation required. The application was so well prepared that I was not asked any further documents and it got approved in record time after submission. I cannot be thankful enough to EASIVISA for helping me achieve my peace of mind and security for my family. I am forever indebted to them. Cheers to the team and a big THANKS !!!
Professional, great communication, super knowledgeable and always happy to help and answer questions! I had a fantastic experience! Sam was an amazing agent, I couldn't be happier to have chosen Easi-visa.
Please read this review carefully. This is the best immigration agency you can find in AUSTRALIA! Esther is such a brilliant and an amazing migration agent. The extensive documents she requested even though we thought they were of no use, were the key to our application coming through so quickly. She regularly informed us on the status of our application and made sure the department had no chance to ask for extra information and that is exactly what happened. I am so grateful we chose this agency and I would recommend them to ANYONE pursuing ANY type of visa. Thank you so much Esther and Thank you EasiVisa!!
I am so happy I chose EasiVisa. I received invaluable advice and Sam was so incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. It would have been impossible to do it without all the assistance I received. Sam answered all my queries immediately and assisted me with my application for the entire time. Thank you so much!
Good service and great communication. We were happy to have an agent that helped us to go through the stressful process of getting my permanent visa.
Where to begin... Very few people go through a smooth, easy visa process; and my partner and I were no exception. We were beginning to lose hope and were borderline facing deportation. We had been messed around by 3 immigration agents prior to finding Carol-Ann at EasiVisa. We were feeling very vulnerable, as truth be told, it is hard to distinguish a good or bad agent before paying a lump sum, by which point it may be too late. This is exactly why I'm providing this exceptional, glistening review of Carol-Ann and her team, to assist my fellow immigrants in their time of need. Agreed; most immigration agents are expensive, but you get what you pay for. What makes us entitled to expert knowledge, hours of research and study, late nights at work and our problems being lifted from our shoulders; for a cheap price? We were charged $180 consultation fee which was reembursed when we committed to our case being taken on. And let me tell you, it was a complicated case. Carol-Ann immediately looked at it from a completely different perspective than the other agents. To cut a long story short; after a refusal, an appeal, a hearing, multiple exchanges of correspondence, references, police clearances...the visa was finally granted. And you cannot put a price on that! The result alone is enough to recommend Carol-Ann, but it doesn't stop there. The way she treated us was exceptional. She was empathetic, saw us as actual people rather than a briefcase of money, and made us feel reassured; in a situation that would put anyone's sanity to the test. WOW, what a long review! And probably only the 3rd I've ever done in my lifetime. In summary, this review has 2 purposes. One, to urge you to chose EasiVisa as your representative, a decision you will not regret. And Two, to give Carol-Ann and her team the recognition they deserve!
EasiVisa have been wonderful from the start! Professional and caring, Thank you EasiVisa for all your help and Sam especially for the hard work and hours you put in to getting my visa approved 🙂 always being just an email or phone call away for all the questions I had. Your support through out the entire process has been amazing.
Sam and the team really went above and beyond to get my challenging visa successfully processed. Their knowledge, expertise and passion is second to none! I really can’t recommend highly enough! Thank you Sam and Alicia!
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