Do you have an important little migration question that you just can’t find the answer to?

Do you have a really big migration question that needs to be answered?

Are you worried about the misinformation provided in FaceBook groups and other online forums?

Is the information on the Department of Home Affairs website really confusing?

Do you want total peace of mind and a straight answer to your question?


Well … why not ASK EASIVISA ?


If you want sound professional advice regarding a migration issue or a visa application you can email your question without obligation to

One of our experienced migration agents will consider (and if necessary research) your question and let you know by email how much the advice will cost and the available payment methods. The cost will vary according to how complex your question is.  An answer to a really easy question could cost as little as $25.00!

If you wish to receive written advice, simply follow the payment instructions provided and one of our team of migration agents will contact you with their name, MARA registration number, and a written response to your question within five working days. If you need the advice urgently, please let us know.

How EASI is that?
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