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Australian schools, colleges and universities enjoy a strong international reputation for excellence.

The benefits of living and learning in Australia are many. International students choose to study in Australia because it can provide:

  • an excellent platform for personal growth and academic development;
  • a safe environment in which to live whilst you learn;
  • a high standard of living in a cost competitive country;
  • a positive multi-cultural experience;
  • a pathway to obtaining work experience;
  • an excellent way for mature people to learn new skills but in a warm and welcoming environment.

When considering an application for a student visa, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection will assess whether the applicant meets a number of criteria. These include:

  • the basic requirements for English language ability as determined by their intended institution of study;
  • the ability to pay for all course tuition fees, accommodation, airfares and overseas student health cover;
  • the ability to manage all course fees and other expenses whilst they remain in Australia on a student visa;
  • Whether the student is a genuine temporary entrant.

Our Registered Migration Agents and Qualified Education Agent Counsellors can help you to plan your study in Australia in order to deliver the maximum benefit to you.

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