Free Education for Kids on 457 or 482 visas in Regional South Australia

The kids of 457 and 482 visa holders will no longer have to pay to attend government schools in regional South Australia.

The Hon John Gardner MP, Minister for Education, announced that this move is expected to attract more foreign workers to settle or work in regional South Australia.

The exemption will apply to all eligible students attending schools in regional areas and is effective for the 2019 school year. In past years, skilled workers with a sub-class 457 and 482 visa were required to pay a student contribution fee, which was up to $5,300 for a primary school student and $6,400 for a high school student.

The Education Minister said “Waiving this fee for children of migrant families attending a regional public school is an incentive for more foreign workers to settle or work in regional South Australia and contribute to the state’s growing economy … We expect this move to grow business activity and employment in our regions, and to contribute to the vibrancy of regional schools and communities.”

The full list of schools that qualify for the fee exemption are available at



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