Are you in a Married De Facto or Registered Relationship?

People often ask us whether they can migrate to Australia with their Aussie partner. They also ask …

  • Should I apply for a subclass 820 visa or a subclass 309 visa?
  • Do I get a bridging visa?
  • Will I become a permanent resident straight away?
  • Can I work in Australia?
  • Will I get Medicare?
  • Can I get a partner visa if I’m still married to my ex?
  • What happens if I am having a baby?
  • In what circumstances would I apply for a Prospective Marriage visa?

The answer to a question depends upon an individual’s circumstances.

Our flow chart demonstrates the different pathways you can take to get a partner visa.

Are you in a Married, De Facto or Registered Relationship?


Please send your email to or call +61 8 9429 8860 if you are considering applying for a Partner Visa.

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