Australian Visas and Medical Registration

Medical Registration and Employer Sponsorship (186 and 187 visas)

When a 186 or 187 nomination application is submitted, the current Migration Regulations require the person identified in the nomination to hold, or be eligible to hold, any required licensing, registration or membership, where this is mandatory in the state or territory in which the position is located.  This is what is called a time of application requirement.

Where a skilled visa applicant is going to work as a medical practitioner, they will need to demonstrate that:

  • their qualifications are recognised by the relevant authority in Australia for registration of medical practitioners – TSS visa applicants; and
  • they hold the relevant licensing and/or registration in order to perform the duties of the occupation in which they have been nominated, or are eligible to obtain the relevant type of registration

According to Department of Home Affairs an applicant is ‘eligible for registration, licensing or membership’ when they have been fully assessed and their eligibility to hold the registration, licence or professional membership has been confirmed by the relevant body.

General Registration or Specialist Registration is acceptable for individuals nominated in the role of medical practitioner (186 and 187 visa).

IMGs with Provisional or Limited Registration should consider getting professional advice (on their eligibility to apply) if they are considering the 186 or 187 visa.

Migrating to Australia as medical practitioner (IMG) has become an incredibly complex process. For most IMGs – securing a job offer from an Australian hospital, clinic or general medical practice is the critical first step. Our team is able to offer advice on the migration process for IMGs and in some instances we may be able to direct you to a potential employer sponsor.

31 August 2018


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