Pathways to PR for 457 and TSS Visa holders


Do you have a pathway from a 457 or TSS visa to PR?

The Transitional Arrangements

The Federal Government has provided transitional arrangements for people who held or had applied for a subclass 457 visa on 18 April 2017 that was subsequently granted. These transitional arrangements are relevant to the Temporary Residence Transition (TRT) stream only.

The transitional arrangements include:

  • occupation list requirements will not apply; and
  • the minimum period an applicant is required to have been employed in their nominated occupation/position as the holder of a subclass 457 or TSS visa will remain at two years.

Furthermore, visa applicants may be able to access to the transitional arrangements even though they do not hold the same subclass 457 visa that enabled them to access the transitional arrangements and/or they do not work for the same employer. As long as they are able to meet the other requirements of the TRT stream, they can have since been granted subsequent subclass 457/TSS visa and/or been re-nominated by a different employer.

A large number of 457 visa holders appear to be totally unaware that they may still have a pathway to permanent residence. If you are a 457/TSS visa holder and unsure of your visa options, call one of our team on 08 9429 8860 of fill out our Contact Us form and we’ll call you.

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