Where can I do my visa medical? 

In Australia

If you are based in Australia you can do your visa medical at BUPA Visa Medical Services clinic. There are BUPA medical clinics in each of the metropolitan areas of Australia.

If you live in a regional area, outside of the city, please check the BUPA website to see your nearest BUBA Visa Medical centre.

Here is a link to all of the BUPA Visa Medical centres in Australia – http://www.bupamvs.com.au/about-us#locationsand the fees.

Outside Australia

If you are living outside of Australia you must be examined by one of the Department’s approved panel clinics or physicians.

You can contact a panel physician by clicking HERE.

What to take to your BUPA medical assessment in Australia?

  • Original and valid passport
  • emedical Referral letter with unique personal identifier (HAP ID)
  • If you normally wear prescription glasses or contact lenses – please take them to the appointment with you
  • ATM card or credit card (if you need additional tests on the day), the Bupa medical centres are unable to accept cash payments

For more information visit the Department of Home Affairs website or contact us.

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