Fremantle Markets

Open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you are sure to find something that will take your fancy at this ‘must do’ for visitors in Perth. Whether you are after a souvenir, a quick bite from a foreign cuisine, fresh produce or simply some live, free entertainment – the Fremantle markets are your one-stop shop!

Situated in the heart of Fremantle or “freo” as referred to by locals, its variety of stands welcome visitors from all around the Globe looking for an easy and carefree way to spend their day.

Divided into two sections, head to “The Hall” to find unique gifts and a variety of intricacies including Boomerangs, scented organic soaps, or the famous indigenous Didgeridoo. Indulge in a coffee made with crème brulee or vanilla flavoured beans or sink your teeth into a decadent doughnut topped with a colourful crushed macaroon.

Make sure to also check out the piano at the side entrance and feel free to take a seat and play something of your own to delight the crowd. But beware – you may end up on YouTube and go viral. It won’t be the first time this happens! Once you’ve stocked up on all your presents, walk your way into “The Yard” and be encapsulated into a bubble full of chit chatter in multiple languages, vibrant fresh fruit and veggies and the smell of food from far away lands.

Both sections of the markets are indoors but fear not – there is air conditioning throughout the entire venue for those hot Perth summer days! Once you have emptied your pockets and filled up your stomach, don’t leave without enjoying the show put on by some of the acrobats, magicians and comedians that take the stage outside, you may learn a trick or two!

TIP: If you want to stock up on produce or get a meal at a discounted price, go to the markets on a Sunday late afternoon. It is their last day there and most stand-holders sell their food for a bargain!

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